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We all want a movie/tv series why not make one

Discussion concerning the TV, film, and comic adaptations.
Re: We all want a movie/tv series why not make one
Post by C. O. Thompson   » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:42 am

C. O. Thompson
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Dauntless wrote:yes the tales of honor stuff really did not fit the general image i think we all have of a slightly bigger housecat that just happens to have six legs instead of four.

Strongly agree Dauntless, I can no more see that Nimitz laying on his back on Honors lap than I can see Honor slouching the way this portrays.

Have to check the weight that David assigned but I think it about 30 pounds.
Hey, think of the oldest daughter of Benjamin trying to carry a cougar... No way!!
Just my 2 ₡ worth
Re: We all want a movie/tv series why not make one
Post by trader1_1   » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:46 am


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C. O. Thompson wrote:
trader1_1 wrote:I'm not a regular here on the forums. but here is a suggestion. why don't we the fans with the big mans approval of course do a fundraising get the money together and go for it. it can be done and done well example Prelude to Axanar and that's just the promo. I am by no means a director or producer but i am sure that there are enough of us fans that we could do this.

So... you're proposing that we fans raise enough to make a serious "pilot" with professional director and actors and an experienced co/producer to provide the screen play of one of Davids stories... such as OAR or Basilisk Station (first book to help capture interest)and then... shop the pilot to see if someone will pick it up?

HMMM?! I prefer the movie to a TV show with commercial breaks.
Do you see ongoing investment as co/producers or stepping out of the way of the Pros?

I think that depends on movies or TV but... I like the idea!

I think that the fans could do say a 4 or 5 part episodic of the first book ala halo style. as i said i have no experience in this but i'd be willing to help in any way. besides it would be awesome to hear honor saying lets be about it on the proverbial big screen.

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