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HH on TV!

Discussion concerning the TV, film, and comic adaptations.
HH on TV!
Post by justdave   » Sat Apr 11, 2020 6:00 pm

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the Mad Wizard dropped the news on the Zoom event today that there is a TV series project starting up and it will include Bu9
Re: HH on TV!
Post by Erls   » Fri Jun 19, 2020 12:12 am


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If someone from Bu9 reads this and finds it interesting and worth running up the flagpole, please feel free to contact me.

RFC talked in the video about the TV series starting earlier that Basilisk, and perhaps even earlier than Let's Dance!. Well, I can propose a top notch, first rate, HMS Victory at Trafalgar level of awesome for the series.

*Drumroll please**

Start it at Best Laid Plans! Yes, you are reading this correctly. Start the series when Honor Harrington is a skinny teenager, romping around the Copperwalls of Sphinx. Start the series with her walking through the woods by the lake and seeing the 'Cats up in the trees. Show the massive Kodiak Max's in action, coming for her, and show the Nimitz in his early glory. Show the creation of her bond with Nimitz, how it happened and why they care so deeply for each other (or show in ways non-readers can understand).

From there you can jump forward to her at the Academy, with *SPOILER*, ALL NEW CONTENT regarding her at the Academy. Mike Henke can be introduced, as can the Admiral, and the early bad guy Pavel Young. There can easily be 3 episodes worth of her at the Academy: Episode 1 is her arriving, Episode 2 has the attempted rape, and Episode 3 has graduation. You could put in an episode of her snotty cruise, and then jump ahead to Let's Dance in episode 5. Heck, Let's Dance could be fleshed out and given two episodes, with episode 7 her attendance at ATC. That gives us episode 8 where she takes command of the Fearless and participates in the fleet war-games.

Why is this important? Well, because it gives you a natural "break" point to run a 16 episode, 42 minute season for season 1. The studio would like it because they have a natural "cut" point after episode 8, while the producers/cast like it because it likely guarantees 8 episodes get aired to catch on. And, they have another 8 ready to go to finished the season: All 8 dealing with Basilisk Station. The introduction of the Havenites (beyond mentions in earlier episodes), the new permanent cast members, and everything else. Between conflict within the crew of the Fearless, the Stilties and drugs on Basilisk, Hauptman's arrival and subsequent departure, and the final two battles there is plenty of action and drama for viewers. Plenty of time to build and create characters, flesh them out, let people find favorites.

I won't go on. But I will emphasize that starting a TV series in this fashion would ensure that the viewer starts with Honor at her "real" start - her bond with Nimitz. As his presence will dominate the series (or it should), I think introducing him immediately as a key and central character is of the utmost importance.

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