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First Contact with the Kanga

Talk about the time traveling Kanga invasion.
Re: First Contact with the Kanga
Post by cralkhi   » Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:26 am

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Somtaaw wrote:A thought on bombing the Kanga's back to the stone age (and then satellites to watch over that colony) concept has been tried with one of Weber's co-authors for other series.

Ringo and his pos-verse, the Posleen (Or Pos'oslenar something or another like that) were confined to a single planet by their mysterious god/creators as a crime, and then had to "invent" a totally different hyperspace method than their god/creators knew about to escape.

I don't see how that could work if you kept them, say, at a pre-steam level.

A species that has spent literally thousands of years, thinking "The only good alien, is a dead one", it'd be like trying to change one of the movie Predators, that taking trophies and hunting sentients is wrong.... it just isn't going to happen :lol:

Well, if all else fails, you could capture and raise some eggs/babies/whatever they have - even if the culture is completely unsalvageable, the species could be saved.

(Unless they've genetically re-designed themselves to be pure killers, but I don't think the Kangas did that, from Ludmilla's description. I think they're only ideologically hostile to other species, not "all rage all the time".)
Re: First Contact with the Kanga
Post by HB of CJ   » Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:24 pm

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Good old thread re hab and thank you. I was suprised "the powers that be" just up and let Milla walk. Never under estimate the evilness of even good governments.

Yep ... somebody will pull up Milla's escape pod. That is a given. Yep ... our radio frequency signals have already left Earth. Opps. How great will be all of our world's co operation?

I for one see the new tech creating all sorts of problems with the "haves" and the "have nots". I do not see that much co operation between our nations with this new stuff at first.

So, friction here on Earth to start with. Maybe a few small wars. Then finally some effort to build a battle fleet of our own. It is human nature to do so. Then what will happen?

Dunno. I think the next books will do a great job of describing what happens when unexpected tech is released into the world. Both good and bad. Perhaps two separate story lines at once?

I love this Forum. HB of CJ (old coot)
Re: First Contact with the Kanga
Post by Somtaaw   » Sun Jun 21, 2015 7:16 pm

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The USN knows where they had a fleet when the last fight went down, but Milla's fighter, let alone her pod, splashed down "over the horizon". So the USN has about as good a guess as they did when we initially started looking for the Titanic. Slightly better because they didn't have any GPS in those days, but still just as large an area to cover. By the time they found it, odds are good the Kanga's would have arrived, either the first wave or the secondary war fleet.

Also, the fighter almost definitely has some form of RADAR absorbing, or deflecting paint, recall that nobody had any idea they were coming until the missiles started flying. And I believe SONAR works on exactly the same principals as RADAR does, so it would take extremely high detailed mapping of the bottom to find the fighter. Further reinforces the "not worth it" when they already have the Kanga fighter+tech, and know two Kanga fleets are coming soon™

Nobody except Richard has a good clue where the pod went down, and while we have no evidence he didn't hand that location over, we also have no evidence he did. He also didn't witness the actual touchdown of the fighter and pod, the pod floated, but the fighter is heavy and immediately went under. Perhaps heavy/massive enough it didn't get moved by currents too much, but the pod may have moved considerably after going under.

Milla may want to give her co-pilot a proper military burial, and maybe salvage more advanced tech, like the flightsuit, energy gun, more ammo cubes (she's only got what she had leftover, and she did burn upwards of 3 cubes just showing it off, and then dealing with the chassis... think she only had 5 or 6 to begin with). Milla knows how the tech was programmed, so she could rig up an interface, and make the connection between Richard and the co-pilots gun so he can fire it. And both having suits could be useful later, if the government tried to chase them down.

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