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Back from LA with Honorverse movie news

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Re: Back from LA with Honorverse movie news
Post by Festival   » Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:29 pm

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jchilds wrote:A somewhat odd but probably good choice to pick would be John Cleese. He's someone who has used physical movement to convey a wide range of information. He's also a lemur fanatic and since 'cats are often described as lemur-like, I bet he'd be able to really help bring help the CGI people bring the species to "life".

Inspired! But alas, John Cleese is in hiis 70's, has two artificial hips, and has actually been explicitly prohibited by his doctor from ever doing the "Ministry of Silly Walks" skit ever again.

*sigh* Time always wins... :cry:
Re: Back from LA with Honorverse movie news
Post by nickursis   » Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:45 am


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OUTSTANDING! RFC, I have an Aussie Shep who is adorable, I bet I can get her to act like a cat, she's the perfect size for Nimitz, and her name is already Honor.....
Other than that, being in the business for 17 years of making the chips the world goes round on, I can say the capabilities of modern processing tools is so good, in the right hands, that a Nimitz of unbelievable nature is quite possible. I am assuming you have found those resources at Evergreen, so I for one can not wait to see the picture.
As far as audience goes, you are absolutely correct in broadening the fan base, if you look at what Abrams did with Star Trek, there was a lot of angst over it, especially the Into Darkness heretical change of Khan, but the movie still was an unqualified success, because it did reach out to the general Sci Fi fan. I think you have an added advantage here, in that you have an excellent source of storyline material that can be crafted to do what I see a lot of people complaining about today: Lack of originality. If you can hook 'em with the first movie, the Honorverse will be set for a long time. Your extensions into the Torch and Talbot arenas means you can produce excellent, well thought out movie material for a very long time. I think the most critical thing here is to get the credibility of an Honorverse movie established with the 1st movie. Your stories have a lot of depth to play with, so I think Evergreen has an excellent chance at getting it right the first time, especially with your input.

Congratulations, I really hope this comes off....
Now you folks need to start planning the special editions..Bonus logs and all that other stuff to fill out the Super Duper Special Edition only 12 made DVD package...

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