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Zimbabwe - WTH?

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Zimbabwe - WTH?
Post by Michael Everett   » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:25 pm

Michael Everett

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The news coming from the former bread-basket and now basket-case of Africa Zimbabwe is hitting parody levels.
President Mugabe is under pressure by his own military to resign, but is refusing despite having been effectively kicked out of his own political party. President Zuma of South Africa (who's looking really ill these days and may be suffering from HIV/Aids given that he claimed that he had had sex with an HIV+ woman but was safe because he showered afterwards...) is supporting him but given how things are destabilizing in South Africa, how long he remains in power is in question too.

The question is, how much of Mugabe's refusal to quit is pride, how much is stubbornness and how much is the decision of his wife/vice-President, "Gucci" Grace?

It looks like the "Freedom Fighter" may be impeached...

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