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Catalonia independence referendum

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Catalonia independence referendum
Post by munroburton   » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:08 am

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It appears that the Catalan regional government is planning to hold a binding referendum on 1st October, asking the question "Do you want Catalonia to be an independent state in the form of a republic?"

Such a vote is illegal under the Spanish constitution and the Constitutional Court stopped the referendum on 7 September. The regional government is planning to disregard this ruling and hold the referendum anyway, passing legislation it is not authorised to pass.

The Government of Spain maintains that secession votes cannot be held by regions and requires the consent of all of Spain. They are looking at bringing criminal charges against Catalan government officials.

The Catalan government had previously held a non-binding referendum in 2014 which was rebranded as a "non-referendum popular consultation", also held in defiance of the Spain Constutional Court. This was widely boycotted by opponents, generating a 80% yes vote. The party of the independence movement then won a clear plurality in 2015's elections and returned to government after an alliance with another pro-independence party.

The polling data for this one is non-definitive - yes has a clear plurality, but only when Nos and Abstains are separated. Abstains do make up a large chunk of the electorate - somewhere between 5 to 28%.

Some news links: ... 19491.html ... sition-law ... referendum

It looks like a classic stand-off between self-determination and the good-of-the-whole-union. Neither side is willing to compromise or concede ground, although the Catalan government would be forced to if a No majority is returned. That does not look likely, though.

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