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Is money really the root of all evil...

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Re: Is money really the root of all evil...
Post by dscott8   » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:02 pm

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Imaginos1892 wrote:Whoever believes that is an idiot.

There is a shitload of evil that has nothing to do with money. Blowing up people who don't believe exactly the same things you do comes to mind. Rapists. Sadists. Those that want to control people. Did Hitler's evil come from money? Did Stalin's?
In this world there are people who build things up, and those that tear them down. I have zero regard for the second group.

This is the other evil -- the love of power. IMHO the greatest evil is depriving others of the right to live their own lives and determine their own path, so long as they don't harm others.

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