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What has Pres. Trump done wrong so far.

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Re: What has Pres. Trump done wrong so far.
Post by Annachie   » Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:27 pm

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Somehow I doubt that she is going to be nominated, but putting her on the list might gain him some Florida votes and costs him nothing.

So a great move, for him.
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Re: What has Pres. Trump done wrong so far.
Post by n7axw   » Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:56 pm

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Michael Everett wrote:A question from someone across the Pond.

Does Trump's apparent nomination of Judge Barbara Lagoa to take the seat left by the unfortunate demise of Judge Ginsburg count as a good or bad move?

No nomination yet. She is on the short list. I think she is a favorite of the religious right which would be bad for lgbt and reproductive rights.


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Re: What has Pres. Trump done wrong so far.
Post by Joat42   » Mon Sep 21, 2020 1:15 pm

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So.. This is what Trump said earlier:
"My biggest risk is that we don’t win lawsuits," Trump said at the time. "We have many lawsuits going all over. And if we don’t win those lawsuits, I think— I think it puts the election at risk."

An article over at Buzzfeed has dug into those "lawsuits":
President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party are devoting millions of dollars to wage a state-by-state legal battle against mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic, not only suing state officials but also intervening in cases where they aren’t a party to limit how Americans can vote from home.

BuzzFeed News identified at least 11 cases where the Trump campaign has asked judges for permission to intervene to defend state and local policies that voting rights advocates argue will make it harder for people to safely vote during the pandemic. That’s in addition to more than half a dozen lawsuits the campaign has filed with the Republican National Committee contesting efforts by Democratic governors and other state and local officials to expand mail-in voting.

This is not at all surprising when you look at the statistics for early voting in 2020.

So when Trump says the election is at risk, what he actually means is that his re-election is at risk - so they are doing all they can to rig it without being too blatant about it.

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