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The Trump Administration's War With Reality

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Re: The Trump Administration's War With Reality
Post by gcomeau   » Tue May 16, 2017 7:58 pm


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biochem wrote:Actually all involved claim that Trump shared intel with the Russians. The question is did he overshare? Nothing in Trump's Twitter feed addresses that question, he just says that he shared info.

Feel free to continue thinking every single report that isn't from the White House itself, from both liberal AND conservative sources, is getting it all wrong and Trump is actually a model of restraint who would never blurt out something he wasn't supposed to because he wanted the Russians to be impressed with what he knows...

And try actually listening to the denials from people like McMaster, he's picking his words *very* carefully and avoiding challenging the large majority of the reporting, instead denying things happened that nobody said happened, or saying things like the "premise" of the story is false while not actually denying the facts in it... probably because he wants to be able to claim later when this is all inevitably confirmed that he didn't actually lie about it.

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