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Political one liners

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Re: Political one liners
Post by The E   » Sun Mar 10, 2019 3:11 am

The E

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Imaginos1892 wrote:Uh, no, I CORRECTED the argument.

The politicians can't tax their way out of their spending problem. Trump is no better, or worse, than the rest.

The government is growing much faster than the rest of the country, taking a bigger and bigger slice of everybody's pie. Eventually, we won't have a country left, only The Government That Ate America.

Since you missed it: The actual argument is that the "minarchist" party in your government, the one that always and only talks about lowering taxes, is also the one that always and consistently finds more things to spend money on. Seriously, how blind are you that you can just ignore the fact that government deficits went down under Obama and Clinton while they exploded under Bush and Trump?

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