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Guns, Guns Guns

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Re: Guns, Guns Guns
Post by TFLYTSNBN   » Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:05 pm

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Joat42 wrote:
Joat42 wrote:

You might want to check those figures. From the statistics I've seen those cities are in the average group compared to the rest of the large cities. For some reason they use absolute numbers when talking about Chicago but percentages when it's other cities.

TFLYTSNBN wrote:Wrong.

To find data on homicide numbers for particular demographic groups within a particular jurisdiction, you need to access the FBI'S Supplementary Homicide Reports. You can then use census data to estimate homicide rates within the demographic groups for each jurisdiction.

I know that this is complicated, perhaps too complicated for you.

You explicitly said:
TFLYTSNBN wrote:Cities such as Chicago, Detroit and Chicago that have a very large proportion of black people have the highest crime and homicide rates in the US

Why do for example St. Louis, Oakland, Baltimore and others have higher violent crime rates than Chicago then? And for non-violent crimes both Detroit and Chicago is in the middling compared to other US cities. Care to explain that discrepancy in your reasoning?

I am so glad that you mentioned Baltimore Maryland as a counter example. Just to help you understand what a shit hole Baltimore is and why, here is an interesting article.

https://statelymcdanielmanor.wordpress. ... -violence/

Here is an article on Baltimore homicides that cites statistics on arrests and clearences. The large percentage of murders attributed to people who are convience dead is suspicions. ... story.html

And another excellent article: ... story.html

Of course Baltimore can not match Chicago for the absolute number of homicides nor the persistence of extremely high homicide rates. As a result, Baltimore has not yet degenerated into a total shithole where criminals have a nearly zero chance of getting arrested and prosecuted for murder.

See here:

Notice the homicide clearance rate. The 10.6 % of solved cases include justifiable homicides by police and the few citizens that are allowed to be armed. The few actual criminal homicides that are solved are no brainers that even Inspector Clouseu could solve.

The vast majority of homicides in the US occur in Democrat ruled shitholes such as Chicago and Baltimore. Americans who live in jurisdictions governed by Republicans generally have homicide rates similar to Germany's.

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