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Happy end of Time

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Happy end of Time
Post by pokermind   » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:24 pm

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Happy Mayan Doomsday!

Image Image

Muerte Azteca and Ave End by ~Zerj19 and

Mange, via a time-warp to our time, <Well ancient two legs it's Mayan Doomsday and you are still here. Goes to show the Great Prophet Runsforcelery was better at predicting the future than the more ancient Mayans don't it.>

:D Image "Bleek, bleek, bleek,...bleek." Image

<For fans of such apocalyptic art try>:

Where artists change happy images into post appolyptic art like:


and the contest winner:



Poker & Mange
CPO Poker Mind Image and, Mangy Fur the Smart Alick Spacecat.

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