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Presidential crimes commission

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Presidential crimes commission
Post by n7axw   » Sun Aug 16, 2020 3:04 pm

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Rep. Eric Swalwell recently proposed a presidential crimes commission to deal with criminal behavior carried out by Mr. Trump and his enablers sinse he became president, presuming he is defeated in November.

The need for something like this is rather obvious sinse the criminality has grown ever more blatant, with not only Trump but his cronies Bahr, Pompeo, and others feeding at the trough of taxpayer dollars. Trump himself is currently under investigation for both tax and financial fraud.

Glenn Kirschner whose Utube channel I follow suggests that the way to handle this is to take all the evidence and present it to a Grand Jury and allow them to sort out what is prosecutable and what is not.

I agree that something needs to be done. Without some sort of accountability there can be no justice. And as Glenn would put it, "justice matters..." unless we want to become a banana republic.

What worries me is how quickly this could be politicized. Instead of this being an impartial search for justice, this could turn out to be revenge upon an outgoing administration by its political opponents. Or it would certainly be perceived that that way, fairly or not. That could jeopardize our tradition of peaceful transfer of power.

Still, if we wish to keep our tradition of being a nation under the rule of law, something is going to need to be done.


When any group seeks political power in God's name, both religion and politics are instantly corrupted.

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