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Gross corruption of the DOJ

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Re: Gross corruption of the DOJ
Post by Annachie   » Sun Mar 08, 2020 4:36 am

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If having said meeting would have been a crime then organising said meeting is conspiricy to commit a crime even if the meeting never happened.

Attending said meeting is a crime even if the reason for having it turns out to be faked.

So please explain some more about how Don jnr didn't break the law.

Lying about said meeting is indicitive of criminal intent.
Telling multiple, differing, lies about said meeting is seriously showing criminal intent.

Oh, and it had nothing to do with the DNC or Hillary. But since you keep pushing that false narative I can only wonder why. Well, not really. There's only one reason to push it and that is that you know Don jnr is guilty as hell and you refuse to admit it even to yourself.
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Re: Gross corruption of the DOJ
Post by n7axw   » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:13 am

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I think snr's logic gets a bit twisty here... Loretta approves a visa for the Russian lawyer knowing that said lawyer would set up an illegal meeting as a trap for Trump jr. and other participants to fall into.

R e a l s t r e t c h here, I am afraid. Not really believable. But even if true, Trump Jr. could have gone to the FBI and inform them that a foreign actor was attempting to interfere with the election,,,which is precisely what he should have done.


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