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Snodgrass's book looks like it will make interesting reading

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Snodgrass's book looks like it will make interesting reading
Post by gcomeau   » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:56 pm


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He just had an interview and a section of it was read on CNN...

For those not following along, Snodgrass is a former Navy Commander, naval aviator and Top Gun instructor, and most recently Mattis's chief of Communications while he served as SecDef.

(Or as the Fox News crowd is undoubtedly trying to figure out how to call him... that libtard secret partisan political operative for George Soros or something)

"Many times during Secretary Tillerson's tenure reporters would claim that he thought his boss was an idiot, and each time Tillerson would deny it publicly. But there was no doubt among most observers in the room that day that Tillerson was thinking exactly that. Both men, Mattis and Tillerson, were despondent. We had just witnessed a meeting with Trump, up close and personal. Now we knew why access was controlled so tightly. For the remainder of the meeting President Trump veered from topic to topic like a squirrel caught in traffi, dashing one way and then another. The issues were complicated yet all of the president's answers were simplistic and ad hoc. He was shooting from the hip on issues of global importance. "

Now we're getting it firsthand from inside the White House. In lone with every other leaked account we get of how totally inept Trump is, which is also in line with how totally publicly inept he is.

Get ready for more "FAKE NEWS!!!!!!" declarations.

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