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Amusing truth

Aliens? Invading aliens? What will Earth do? Well...we may have a few more resources than we first thought. Come join a friendly discussion about David Weber's newest Tor series - "Out of the Dark."
Re: Amusing truth
Post by DrakBibliophile   » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:21 am


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One thing about vampires is that there are various "types" world wide.

IE They don't just exist (in folklore) just in Vlad's old stomping grounds.

While we've only seen his "tribe", others could have existed elsewhere on Earth.

While I'm not convinced that his "tribe" is the result of a Hegemony experimental project, it is possible that somebody had been experimenting on humans. Vlad's "tribe" is just the only one that survived.

Oh, while I'm not sure that anybody within the Hegemony would want "more dangerous humans", it is possible that the experiment failed because they wanted controllable "very dangerous humans" and the control method failed. :twisted:

Also, one reason why I'm not sure of the Hegemony link is that we have no evidence that Vlad was one of the "experimental humans". He showed no awareness that he gained his powers from "demons" (which is likely how a man of his time would view alien experimenters).

It would appear to be more likely that the original experiments were prior to his time (and prior to the official Hegemony discovery of Earth).

It would make more sense if he was turned by an escaped experimental human.

It would be ironic to learn that for all his "dark places" that he and his followers are why no other vampires existed when the Puppies invaded. The other vampires were much more nasty than he was (at that time) but Vlad & his people destroyed them. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

PeterZ wrote:Ah, I wasn't thinking Vlad was an ongoing experiment. I was thinking that he was an experiment that got free. He is now a free agent with those who conducted the experiments long gone.

One reason for conducting the experiment on Earth was to get around legal and ethical restrictions in the Hegemony. The experiment generated an unexpected result, Vlad the Vampire.

Now, humanity has to fight the Hegemony without any other allies.
DrakBibliophile wrote:Well, I'm thinking Excalibur Alternative as well not Colin McIntyre.

I don't want Earth to have to worry both about the Hegemony and about the aliens helping them.
PeterZ wrote:Too Mutineer's Moon for me.

I was hoping for an Excalibur Alternative to revisiting Colin McIntyre.
DrakBibliophile wrote:I'm thinking "last warship of a lost people destroyed by the Hegemony" finding Earth either before Vlad's time (ie he's not the first vampire) or just before his death.
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