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Kicking around a few thoughts

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Kicking around a few thoughts
Post by Somtaaw   » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:34 am

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Been kicking around a few thoughts, and started thinking what possible threat could be even remotely powerful enough to "unleash" the trinity of Alicia/Megaira/Tisiphone upon.

The more I thought about it, the more I keep coming back to the Rish. They've already manipulated the original Federation vs Empire into going to war with each other, and then flipped several agents such as Colonel Watts, not to mention inspiring much of the command of an entire Sector to try splitting off from the Empire. If the Rish have already done all of that, it only stands to reason they'll try again, and again and again, trying to destabilize the Empire so they can expand some more.

Since Alicia's new psychic talents are likely classified well above top-secret and probably in the realm of read before self-termination, by both Uncle Arthur and O Branch, nobody knows what she's capable of. We might also see her calling in a marker from Clan Theryian. I'm sure they'd be only to happy to burn another Clan in retaliation for the Sphere trying to kill ALL of Clan Theryian years before (Revenge is a dish best served cold, seems a popular Rish mantra)

Some form of story against the FALA is possible, although unlikely, FALA isn't really a large enough threat to throw Alicia at them. She'd roll up entire cells in no time, and about the only story would be Alicia's angst at carrying weapons for FALA terrorist cells, and how early/late she can report it to the authorities without killing any innocents she swore to protect as a Wasp.

Thoughts, comments, rebuttals?

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