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Tired of Paying Protection? Dark Expanse Offers New Security

For anyone who might want to have a side're welcome here!
Tired of Paying Protection? Dark Expanse Offers New Security
Post by Rogue Star   » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:48 pm

Rogue Star
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On October 26th 2018, Dark Expanse players will be able to enjoy new planet security features. Have those pesky black ops teams been doing sabotage, sedition and even terrorism on your planets? As the planet commander, you will now be able to perform an enhanced security sweep. Is organized crime demanding protection? You can now opt to pay protection or hunt them down.

The Dark Expanse universe continues its dynamic evolution. Recently, the non-player character density and reactions has been modified. Will you survive tougher encounters with hostile aliens? Will your empire conquer others or will you reach out the hand of diplomacy? As you can see, there's no better time to join the growing number of Dark Expanse players.

Both the Andromeda galaxy, specifically designed for a relaxed style of play, and the Black Eye 4X speed galaxy, designed for an intensive play style, are open to new and experienced gamers.

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