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A Review For Painfully Bad Fan Fiction

For anyone who might want to have a side're welcome here!
Re: A Review For Painfully Bad Fan Fiction
Post by pappilon   » Mon May 14, 2018 1:42 pm

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The E wrote:
Daryl wrote:You folks who are more literate than I am might want to help Whitehead with his current project posted on here.
This is about his sixth attempt in creating a world, usually steam punk. Going from his comment his grammar has improved over time, initially it was quite difficult to follow.

No. Not until he shows an actual ability to actually sit down and write for more than the few minutes it takes to type up a forum post here. It seems to me (and this is a lesson for aspiring authors) that he's quite hung up on the idea that he needs a completely formed world before he starts thinking about the story.

Worldbuilding is fun. It's necessary, even when you're telling a story in mundane reality or when writing fanfic set in someone else's universe (where "Worldbuilding" means figuring out who your characters are, what situations they're in, and how they got there). But all worldbuilding is meaningless if you don't have a story to tell (unless you're writing a D&D supplement, of course); ideally, the world you're creating should be more than just a backdrop or an excuse to have something cool happen.

Yes, certainly. Write something. Come on th board with "hey guys anyone interested in being my Beta?" Or hay guys anyone interested in being my research assistant? Be upfront with your wants and needs.
The imagination has to be trained into foresight and empathy.
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