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While we're waiting... - Online Stories Recs

For anyone who might want to have a side're welcome here!
While we're waiting... - Online Stories Recs
Post by Michael Everett   » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:47 am

Michael Everett

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While the Mad Wizard has (hopefully) recovered from his overwork-induced problems (please remember to take it easy every once in a while, DW!), those of us who follow him almost religiously have an issue.
How do we pass the time until the next wonderful installment flowing from his... darn it, pen doesn't work due to his speech-to-text software... computer.
Now, Books are what we like, but they take up space on the shelves and reduce the finances available for buying Weber's stuff. However, the Internet is a lot cheaper, so... online stories!

I've stumbled across a few and of the original stories, I found these ones interesting...

Worm (Complete) (Warning - long!)
Probably the most famous Web Novel, Worm follows a young woman as she goes deeper into the world of Superheroes and Supervillains, uncovering truths that threaten the very existence of Earth.

Symbiote (Complete)
An ancient conspiracy remakes a man into far more than he ever was before.

The Ancient (Incomplete/Abandoned)
Many species have come together to solve the mystery of an ancient relic and its mysterious and long-vanished creators... Humanity.

The Gods Are Bastards (Complete)
A collection of stories set in a well-realized fantasy land.

The Jenkinsverse (Story collection)
The many civilized species are in shock that a sentient race has emerged from a Level 12 Deathworld. Humanity is here. And it is really annoyed.

I hope that these help you pass the time until the next Weber book arrives and if anyone else knows of any good Web Novels or online stories, please rec them!

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