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Types of UFO's seen, and Angles seen from & how close.

For anyone who might want to have a side're welcome here!
Types of UFO's seen, and Angles seen from & how close.
Post by Lord Skimper   » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:10 am

Lord Skimper
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If you have seen anything, what and from what angle.

My first was a light while driving home from dinner while I was at college in Oxford in 1993. It was a light doing loopy de loops over the abandon RAF base Abingdon in the dark about 7-7:30 pm. Crazy to do loops so low even crazier to do them at night. The light (solid white) then flew behind Boars Hill, I thought it was a plane crashing, so I went to investigate. It flew in a wave oscillation, erratically. Nothing their when I arrived. Later that evening we saw (30-60) minutes later a shimmer in the night sky near the top of Boars Hill. Kind of like tinsil being dropped in a spot light. After driving up to look over the valley of Oxford and turning around, we saw right over Warnborough College (no longer there), at about 300 feet above a Red and White blinking light about 3x's as rapid as a plane strobe but not very bright, rather dim, light float about 20-25 mph in front of us. We followed this, it dropped to about 100 feet above my car, my head out the window looking up at it, Then as we parked at the Farmers gate overlooking Sunningwell, it flew just to our left about 50 feet away. It was just a light, it flew right in front of us at eye level and if anything was there other than the light it was invisible.

Second UFO was seen 1000's if miles away, 10 years later, it was very similar, only orange and white rapid blinking flying at altitude over the City of Calgary, AB, Canada in geometric patterns. I observed it by accident with binoculars after watching the ISS and Shuttle fly over.

Third, Fourth and Fifth, happened over Calgary, January 1st, 2016 New Years 12:11 AM walking home from the pub. Ice Tea only that night. I saw an Orange Red light, it resolved itself into disc which flew right overtop of me at 3000+ feet high. It was bigger than my outstretched thumb. Bigger than a full Moon by 50-100%. Silvery coloured. It turned the light off after it flew towards me as if it saw me it stopped and went vertically up from about 500 feet to I would estimate 3,000 feet up, it could have been much higher. While going up the red orange light turned off. It was just a silvery round circle, didn't appear to be rotating. That was the Third, Fourth about 30 seconds later, was off to my right (east), same kind of disc in profile, Silvery coloured a saucer with a bulge on top. a Triangle of Orange red light out front shining, and the reddest coloured sparks on the back. It was flying about 500 feet off the ground half the size of my hand about 1000 feet away, kind of following the highway/freeway. that was four, Five was only the Orange red light seen flying a couple miles perhaps more ahead of me about 60 seconds later, flying from the West to the East. I lost sight of it walking past a house.

So, Red and white rapid blinking light, otherwise invisible 50 feet away.

Orange and white rapid blinking light, miles off, otherwise invisible.

3x Orange red lights not blinking, Silvery Disc, flying saucer shaped 1000+ feet away. New Years went from Very Good to Really Exciting.
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Re: Types of UFO's seen, and Angles seen from & how close.
Post by Weird Harold   » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:31 am

Weird Harold
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Lord Skimper wrote:If you have seen anything, what and from what angle.

I think I saw one or two sometime before 1978, but the details are fuzzy.

Then I quit drinking and haven't seen anything since. :D
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Re: Types of UFO's seen, and Angles seen from & how close.
Post by Daryl   » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:20 am


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About 1970, driving an open Austin Healey on a dark country road, I saw a largish cigar shaped shape (with lighted portholes along its length) about 200 metres high off the ground, and about 400 metres away keeping pace with my car. My car radio turned to static. I accelerated up to about 115 MPH top speed and it kept pace with me, actually following around gradual corners. Then it tilted upwards about 30% and went up much more rapidly than 1G acceleration could explain. Being in a dark night in an open roadster there was no glass to reflect images.
Do I believe in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)? Yes.
Do I believe that in an infinite universe there are other intelligent life forms? Yes.
Do I believe that I saw an artifact of some such aliens? Not sure.
Would I like to think it was the Nasty Kitty in a time and reality warp? Yes, but not deluded.

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