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Better disaster relief?

For anyone who might want to have a side're welcome here!
Better disaster relief?
Post by DDHv   » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:35 am

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From: ... sletterad=

While Russia and China were among the first to receive WHO certification over the summer, Norton said he hopes teams from other countries will soon reach Israel's level. He also expressed hope that when it comes to natural disasters, politics will not prevail and that countries that shun Israel over its politics, would not hesitate to call the world's most robust emergency response team for help.

"Maybe this is one of those ways that disaster emergencies can bring people together," Norton said. "A way that ... you could put politics aside for a moment and just concentrate on saving lives."

I also like the idea of enabling conscientious objectors to be excused from the "break and destroy" part of the military on condition they serve in the medical treatment part of it. Some have done so voluntarily.

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