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Wanted: more small maps per chapter!

In the breaks in his writing schedule, David has promised to stop by and chat for a while!
Wanted: more small maps per chapter!
Post by sonex   » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:05 pm

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I have all of the latest maps from the downloads. But trying to find the map location where an action is occurring is not always easy on the one page print copies.

And going back to the old PC to zoom in on many of the maps is not a handy way to view them while reading.

So what I would like to see is a small book with the same chapters as ATSOT, but the pages of the chapters are maps of the action for that chapter. Then I could, while in my reading chair, easily switch back and forth between the chapter I'm reading, and that chapter's maps in the map book.

I know this would be a rather enormous undertaking, but perhaps some industrious helper could be found.

I've been a Safeholder reader for quite a long time, and just this year I have read all of the main Honor Harrington books.

PS: I'm a Harrington who's forefathers came over from England in the 1630s. None of were Navy men that I know of though! Army and Air Force and Black Projects.
Honor Harrington and Safehold nut.

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