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Since RFC is an old school Naval Warfare Fan

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Since RFC is an old school Naval Warfare Fan
Post by NewAgeOfPower   » Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:02 am

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How large of a 1944 Battlegroup would it take to destroy one (1) modern Type 055 Destroyer?

(And yes, this was inspired by Zipang & Binkov's Kirov vs Burke video)

Let's break it down into specifics. We are to determine the minimum amount of 'points' the Downtimer Taskforce needs to win. Both the Type 55 and the Downtimer forces are highly trained, familiar with the equipment, and competently lead.

The Downtimers may buy a Iowa/Alaska/QE/Yamato (or French/German/Russian/Italian BB if they want) or any pre 1944 carrier per point. A point can also buy two of any pre 1944 submarines, three light cruisers or six destroyers. No more than one third of the fleet can be of any one unit type; i.e. no pure 20 carrier taskforce.

We'll configure the Type 055 with 112 AsHMs (say 56 YJ-18 + 56 YJ-100) + double reloads for its PJ-11 CIWS (really an AK-130 clone) and HQ-10 short-ranged SAM, and say, 50 Yu-7s for its two helos, though they're realistically not going to carry more than 2 at a time.

Go on. Setup your taskforce. Walk me through the battle plan and explain your conclusions.
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