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An open letter to the Patriots fm a VET going on STRIKE

In the breaks in his writing schedule, David has promised to stop by and chat for a while!
An open letter to the Patriots fm a VET going on STRIKE
Post by phil2810   » Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:28 am


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Mr Weber - please forgive me - i am a bipolar maniac riding on invincibility. Please read the somewhat disjointed email train below and see if you find anything interesting. I need a mortgage bail out and Im trying to make it happen on my own worth and contributions. God bless.

Phil Amstutz

Tom, I've hatched a plot to take over the Navy and maube the world... read below and contact me. Spread it to people you know I would trust.

This is part of my plan to take over the world. Alex below is my old girlfriend from Buffalo I met in manhattan and lived with in brooklyn and manhattan. She's a teacher in Buffalo. I'm going to need yoou to work on your JD and pass the bar. I'm going to have a legal team is going to be involved... Wanna get out of the Navy and work with me on this project? Even if it doesn;t end up being possible, im going to sell the idea as a scyfy book or CGI series until people say "shit? we could really do this".... I know the whole industry and have a fucking doable business plan. I feel like I'm only one wrong step from going to jail, but I have a plan for that as well.

Forwarded conversation
Subject: Greetings from a converted hermit....

Alex -
Long time and a lot of things slipping by... I'll catch up with you on babies soon if youre willing... I have mad pics and vids of my twin jedi babies... I have brilliant children and I'm soon going to home school them on the road...

How are you? I'm manic I guess and maybe doing stuff I shouldn't.... but I had a question I d like to see if you might be interested in thinking on for fun...
Naval engineering hat on please miss... trimaran 30meter with a wide draft in whatever ratio is approp for the hull. Hull is nickel copper bronze (aka monel) corrugated like carbboard with carbon fiber as the pyrimidical center filling in a sandwich off 10mm sheets of monel and pressed into shape. Bronze rivets hold the sandwich together. Hybrid diesel gas turbine driving a (??KW I have to do the math yet) generator powering cyclodidal 360 directional electric pods with 2 aft and one as a bow thruster. Think mechanicals, fuel lube oil puriffication, dewatering and damage control - I need pump load and control system power requiremt ideas to base on. Just explain the system and I can put the right pumps, filters, centrifuges etc. I have a ton of Nuke friends and I wouldn't mind entertaining a super efficient super heated steam plant in the 600 lb and around 450* range.... I'll take care of the NAV and Comms and try to keep it under 30 million... I don't know the density comparison of monel to aluminum or steel, but this pig is going to have a super low center of gravity and metacenter - especially if we use aluminum as the superstructure - it'll be a wicked pirate ship huh?.

Interested just for an intellectual challenge? I've been thinking about just in my spare brain cycles and I'm quite enamored with it. I may even write it as a Science Fiction Novel with Lasers and Audio weapons.....

Read below.


NOTE: To all email screeners – PLEASE pass this on to the attention of your employers ASAP.

I already know who you are . . . Permit me to introduce my self. My name is Philip John Amstutz, I am an active Navy Surface Electronics Combat Systems Engineering Systems Test Officer and I have a plan.

I will be submitting my resignation for the following reasons:

I have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and against all enemies, foreign and domestic . . . and to bear the faith and allegiance to the same . . . then I have to swear an oath to obey the President of the United States of America and the orders of the officers appointed me.

I am at conflict and want a lawyer, Mr Mark Levin, do you have any plans?

Mr. Limbaugh - I have a million dollars worth of tea flavors as well as a special dark chocolate recipe I want to try to peddle to Shari's Berries - locked down by IP address and cell phone text and mail traffic with time stamps etc.. I want to send a sample; please provide a good address. There will also be some popcorn in the box made with a specific sea salt.

I have two mortgages on homes in Jacksonville, Florida. I am five months behind on one $300K) due to a renter who stiffed me and I am still getting square with Bank of America. I need minimum of $500K to get current and debt free – and I need some seed money to get going writing a book concerning my military experiences – I have a billion dollars worth of stories for another day. Of the recipes – if you accept, I want and I want a 10% perpetual royalty.

I want to revive the housing market by forgiving loans . . . starting with my own.

I have been in the Navy since July 09, 1991. I have many, many ideas on how to turn a buck. Please pass this letter to Mr. Thrump.

I'm at Fort Dix, NF . . I want to buy some AC props.

Below is my resignation letter written after the Army Chaplain was relieved and reprimanded by the Army Chaplain Corp for inciting disobedience. I tell you friends, there are many of us and thousands are going to be out of work.. I have plan I'd love to share as well. It's worth millions AND it will help our Vets.

18:10 02/07/2012

I have been forced onto a position where I must now choose to face my beliefs as a human being and with beliefs and a relationship with my Creator or supporting a leader that my Oath of Office to obey the orders of the President of the United states of America, who is a domestic threat to the Constitution I have sworn to protect. What are we going to do?

I am resigning my commission and I need gentlemen, I need patriots and a lawyer team to help me discuss my position, and support us who have sworn to uphold and die to protect the freedom that is now being stomped upon. DON'T tread on me, because I choose to live free or die.

Philip John Amstutz

02/07/2012 18:15

I'm getting rid of most of it and simply declaring my intentions to retire on February 14th when I sign my annual fitness report...

I also want to tell the President that he shouldn't have quoted Jesus... unless he was to say “...give unto Caesar”. To who much has been given, much is expected deals with Talents and Gifts. Fool.

I have maintained excellence my entire career and received my Naval commisiion afte 13 years of Enlisted Service. I never went to college and thankfully the Navy has a merit based system. My first Master Chief told me that “it aint bragging if you did it.” Well, I can document it as a type of resume if it helps anyone decide. I have a midas touch.

Sean Hannity – Great American – I tweet you sometimes as phitzohmian. I play 6 instruments and have music already composed. I have an in with the band Project 86 and I want to see if they'd be interested in your concerts... Maybe Third Day as well... and travel base to base... I hope to peddle my songs to a band that can really PLAY – I'm a hobbyist.

Mr. Oreilly – I'd love to come on your show once I'm a civilian again.

@talkmaster – I love you but you have a glaring blindspot on the constitutional rights of the unborn future patriots iss... feels a bit eugenic to me and I choose to speak for those who can't yet speak for themselves... I was almost an early Roe V Wade baby.

Col Parker... Greetings Sir, I'll be reporting for duty in the near future with you. Perhaps two weeks from now? I'll be in Dahlgren. I added you in this because I know what you do with the wounded warriors – I would like to come to DC to discuss some items concerning this. It was a pleasure working with you on my Sailor's disability evaluation syystem nightmare – how about we blow this effing thing wide open. Anyone unfamiliar with Lt Col USA (RET) Michael Parker and his work with Walter Reed. I want to crack some shit open and I have ideas how to fund it - I just need an ear and 30 minutes to explain my proposal.

I just finished Atlas Shrugged and I'm reading Ameritopia now. The timing just feels right and I cant't say anything publicly until I get out. I want to crack some shit open and I have ideas how to fund it - I just need an ear and 30 minutes to explain my proposal. Mark Levin, sir - I owe you some more money - I've e lent your book out but I'd like to buy personally autographed ones for my friends.

I am anxiously awaiting replies. I'm watching doomsday preppers and I'm ready to go to ground. Ok that's paranoid, but I was a Cub Scout and I'm a prepper. I'd appreciate your ear and some time.

Very Respectfully,

Philip John Amstutz.

Ok Alex... I may be nuts but I think I'm sane and I need a job when I retire - helping vets is like not working at all and I can branch into other areas (music, writing etc)and homeschool my kids while I take over the world...


Hi Phil,

It very good to hear from you. At what sounds like a chaotic time for you all. Wow! I haven't forgotten all you filled me in on in past years, and I hope that your plans and your future are working out best for you.

I'm out of the Naval Arch. business, and probably so rusty that I can't help you at all I'm afraid. with that. I'd read your story, though!

We've had a rough year but are bouncing back. A new career for me in web development, 1st grade for my daughter, a new home, a natural disaster. Never boring.

Write anytime, or look for me online. If there's something I can do to help you, please let me know.


Look Sister - I thought you may just want to kick it around in your head - even if it's just a Science Fiction Collaboration with a web CGI cartoon.... a series of high tech ships. I've evolved the concept into Acyrlic clear pontoons large enough to house living quartes, angineering spaces (the keel underwater hull below the water where the sonar dome is as well. Combat spaces will be in the acrylic outrigger pontoons with several catwalk connections at the grid points. Crew quarters, messing and comfort/fitness equipment, libraries and admin spaces etc. Galley and reefers. All of this will be clad in copper nickel bronze - or essentially the same "brass" we make our screws out of.... We could start with scrap of the ships weve been decomming.. they contain miles of pipe mad of thie same material. I say we get a metalurgist consultan and see what would happen if we took the penny out of circulation and recycled them by forging the copper plated magnesium to the monel copper nickel bronze. magnesium is light and strong.
I intend to get rich either by selling this concept to a ship building company - even overseas if need be. Or just making a sci-fi sequel to the story of "Atlas Shrugged".
I work in the heart of naval R&D. Downtown Philly has the Hull, Mechanical and Engineering Propulsion design HQ. Across the river, where I'm the System Test Officer, we design the combat system sensor and control suites that shoot satellites and ballistic missiles out of space. DC has NAVSEA, our common Immediate Superior. My CO is a career Engineer Dilbert Manager... never designed just monitored technical contracts. I plan to present this idea to him when I tender my resignation on Tuesday, 14 February. You can see my political and right to believe what I want have become in conflict. I ve made my position crystal clear. I'm going to civilian life and get rich. I want to see if you want to just kick it around in the back of your mind while I expand on other currently impossible things as if its scyfy. I have other books to write before this but I already have a writer lined up to run with the concept as a book as i try to actually implement it in the fleet. The CNO is coming to the moth ball RD yard and I'm going to recommend we investigate the feasibility of the idea. These emails are helping me document the concept by literally and fully explaining my concept to protect intellectual.
I feel sleazy to ask, but what did your dad do in Buffalo? What do you think an ivestor would do if we could sketch up a set of blue prints on CAD and find a shipyard? I'm shopping investors on the book idea front and I may approach Apple, Microsoft, Burt Rutan, The Google Boys, Samsung, Sony and half of China.

I had a NDE... I had for, lack of a better, a fever nightmare induced by laryngitis and the cough suppressant dextromorhan (DMX) and a few benydryl (diphenhydramine)... I'm an idiot, but I've belonged in NA more than AA and that's been my home, but DMX and benydryl are disassociative hallucinogens if taken in well above the rec dose. I took well above the box directions, but 1/3 of what is considered a high recreational dose. I've carried a lot of kid baggage around I think I'm finally free of it. I'm finally able to make some amends and I feel much better than ever. I almost didn't make. I was just feet from jumping off my ship in Jan 2009... and i was probably weeks away from doing something stupid with my family. I was planning on just going away and sending my check home. i was going to run to ground or end up dead. But I'm thinking big and my mind is freer than it's ever been... a long story I'll save for another day... having kids and being deployed all the time brought me to the point of despair.
If you still know anyone who i might be able to shop this idea along i'd appreciate it. I'll pay you a finders fee and a consultation fee for the hypothetical ship design and any web page design work I need. i can do that stuff, but i won't have time for the fiddly bits. I'm hiring my mom as my accountant and I have a lawyer and a friend who's a judge in the state I'm going to icorporate out of.
They told me it was bipolar for years but it wasn't.... I had the realization while in my therapists new office when i noticed a book titled disassociation... then found out what depersonalization disorder is and felt sick to my stomach. I think you probably sensed a paranoia in me - It's a story best left for another day. I'm going to tell about it in a book... Well before I get any Sci-fi going... but as soon as I shop the idea for it to an author friend of mine and turn him loose with the concept..... He can write about it while I work on the z cycloidal 360 AC/DC motors. I want to use superconducting magnetic supercooled by stirling motor operated compressors to store capacative charges for for energy weapon (sound, magnetic, gravitational or light). I'm going to try to figure out how the Dark Matter that must exist and in such a ratio as to outmass known mass by 9 to 1. Is there a signigficance between the ration of speed of sound and light in vaccum if indeed there were? It'd be a number like 3.14. at it base. And that the universe is uniformally expanding ? The Higgs Boson is dark matter and the uniformly expanding universe as we know it is the result of the words "....Let There Be Light."
I'm just going to do whats put in front of me - you don't know the half of it. the twin Jedi babies
here keep us hopping.


Ok pennies are zinc with copper electroplating - That's a battery in salt water and a catalyst.

I meant magnesium mixed with the monel. maybe extra copper and zinc from the pennies in an alloy with currently unknown values. I need to find a metalurgist and get smart on melting temps of various metals to be high enough to blend a new alloy. Help me keep track of these ideas, if you would. It may be a paying job if your interested. I need a mad smart partner and there's never been anyone more suited to helping me focus on this idea. I plan on hiring a CAD draftsman to create a 3D model. The underwater hull will be shaped like an old German U boat and will contain all mechanicals and be armored from within the acrylic with monel + covering by interior steel and titanium magnesium aluminum bulkheads. All structural coneections will be built girder skyscraper grid erector set beams of monel+. Acrylic cylinders make the interconnecting points in a cube. A 10 acre flight deck is placed over top with hangar and storage facilities below. Ammo deep mags in the keel with machinery and water ballasting tanks which will help us sink her to a bare floating platform platform. It's Atlantis and can go completely submerged or raised up on pontoons like a party boat. I'm going to be mad rich. And after the acrylic model is a success, I'm going to make one of pontoons and keel modules out of monel+ covered ceramic with titananium magnesium internal with kevlar lagging and insulation all over the inside as insulation. We could build this model in earth orbit out of a circular ring and set it spinning, an inner ring with a ring of perm earth magnets and a counterspinning outer with large electromagnetic coils. set it spinning and it becomes a gerator. Apply power to it and it becomes a motor. It will run on of electromagnetic inductive drive principles. we'll store charges in capacitor banks made of Lion batteries until we come up with something like magnesium or titanium based batteries. I have a million one dollar ideas but I'll need help studying them and keeping my head on straight. Calling Pepper Potts - I need at least a friend to document what I'm thinking about so we can copy wright the intellectual fruits of a free mind. We'll make a lot of other people well off and could help the economy... and I have to have a job when I retire that all I have to do is chill out and think about WHAT IF SCIENCE FICTION WERE REAL. Let's just play it's pretend right now and fun to just fantasize about... That's all I ever wanted to do anyway was leave in a dream world.


The original chain I sent Alexandra Meyerson, our Ship Wright Master Builder. She's going to supervise the engineering team and arrange draftsman and cad artists. naval architects.

6 hours agoPhilip Amstutz
I'm shopping an Tea Party Patriot tea blend to Two if by Tea and hope to make my first million dollars along with a popcorn popped in olive oil and seasoned with dead sea salt. And bath products with dead sea salt... the already exist we just need to market them. I'm going to be fucking rich and build one of these eventually in space as a moonbase.

I'm shopping for venture capital and if you know people, I'd get in on it. You need to understand Atlas Shrugged my friend... get the fuck on it please sir.

Listen to WABC all day Monday. Rush Hannity Levin Boortz all got my transmisiion.=


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