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Battle of Spindle

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Re: Battle of Spindle
Post by Loren Pechtel   » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:34 pm

Loren Pechtel
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gclarkii wrote:On the subject of ramming at a sidewall, has anyone considered that the incoming missile has a wedge of it own and sidewalls are not at the very outside of the ships wedge. And as far as I know, a starship's wedge is just little bit more powerful than a missiles', at wedge impact the missile will vaporize. And as far as radiation from that event goes, how wide is a ship's wedge? A general fireball(however energetic it might be) is not going to effect something 50, 100, 150 kilometers from where it's at, especially in space. A laserhead only works because of the focusing/amplification of the rods, and it is aimed to boot.

Here I disagree. When the missile is doing over .7c I think it's still going to be devastating to the ship behind (assuming it's pointed right) even if it's vaporized. Lets say that sidewall is 100km out from the ship. The vaporized material hits in less than half a millisecond--how much spreading out is it going to do in that time? And remember that the vaporized missile has several orders of magnitude more energy than the warhead.

I think a correctly aimed ram kills any ship out there, the existence of the programming in the missiles will force the enemy to ensure it can never be used which means they must roll wedges against all attacks and thus impair their defenses.

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