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Manticore's new citizens

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Re: Manticore's new citizens
Post by stewart   » Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:16 pm

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cthia wrote:We soooo need a permanent dead horses list - with a brief explanation as why each are dead horses, to keep the noob necromancers away.

Poke at Duckk and see if he's interested.[/quote]

It certainly would be a decent start. And considerate. Newbies are essential to any author's bottom line and they don't deserve to be disrespected because they represent the definition of a newbie. Doing so would be worse than the Havenites shooting their own officer corp in the ass. All of you were newbies yourself at some point.

If there are subjects that shouldn't be broached, a heads up display is at least in order. If the more appropriate common decency and sense of fair play is too much to muster. Laying fucking landmines that can be stepped on by a newbie is uncivilized. Then you have the nerve and audacity to be pissed off at the newbie for stepping on a landmine that he's not responsible for. Like the grav lance incident that got me torn a new ass by the author because assholes that came before me pissed in his Corn Flakes over the damn thing for years before said newbie even knew what a Weber was. FUCK THAT and THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON.[/quote]


Recommend a listing in the Announcements Section -- similar to, but needs to be a separate posting -- to the "Forum Rules & Information"

Suggest a list of "Well Flogged and Dead Horses" with reasons and possible links to the previous discussions so the unaware can avoid the forum landmines.
As Cithia and others have noted -- We All Were Nubies (and Middies) once. By the way, have not seen the notes of welcome recently with offers of a free Tillman's for first postings.

-- Stewart

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