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Ivitation to discuss Call to Vengeance snippets (spoilers)

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Re: Ivitation to discuss Call to Vengeance snippets (spoiler
Post by pappilon   » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:29 pm

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Bluesqueak wrote:Interesting ... I argued earlier that Edward simply wasn't a very good King, and in the latest snippet, Travis is echoing my thoughts. ;)

He's right; a solemn occasion that's supposed to be rewarding people involved in the Star Kingdom's most serious battle in over a century, and Edward decides to take his daughter hydro-foiling?? That shows someone who has absolutely no instinctive understanding of when to be the King, and when to be a father.

Then there's the misjudgement seen in arranging the trip by boat in the first place. Announcing the route in advance is an implicit invitation to the general public to come to watch, then the security people come in and tell the said public that they can't. So who overruled whom?

My hard copy will be in my hands in a week. Until then ... :!:

Add Sophie dating Peter Young, and the stage is set for a Winton dynasty that's going to represent the worst type of monarchy - the one that arranges everything to suit themselves, not the nation.

Of course, the Manticoran history books we already have say that won't happen, because the crown goes to Elizabeth. But it's interesting that this book is suggesting that Manticore had a very lucky escape from the part of the Winton dynasty that didn't have the right instincts. That Edward is going to exit the Manticore Ascendant series having failed his own 'Call to Duty'.

Anyway, if Amazon does its usual Kindle thing, I should have the book at midnight tonight. I look forward to reading the whole thing. : :D
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