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United States Space Corps

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Re: United States Space Corps
Post by Jonathan_S   » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:53 am

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Annachie wrote:Thinking about it, if a Grav Lance could fit into one of those Graser torp bodies, the MALIGN might try to make use of them to attack space stations. Or even space forts.

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Sure, the MAlign would love to pop sidewalls- and a graser torp can sneak close enough to use one. But unless there is a radical breakthrough there's no way to squeeze that into something that small and even if you could the effect would be self defeating

The GL as we know it is an engineering system that requires the full power of an active starship's wedge and it then somehow refocuses the combined power of the full sets of Alpha and Beta nodes into the grav spur that flicks 100,000 km against the targets sidewall and (usually) burns it out.

So a) even a graser torp isn't big enough to mount something the grav power of a starships full wedge. And b) if by some miraculous breakthrough it could the grav signature of the thing building up,to full power would be the furthest thing from stealthy and it'd be instantly swatted by the target's point defense.

For it to work you'd need a radically different design where you could instantly project a grav spur of that power with no wedge and no telltale ramp up period. And while a spider node does project a grav spur of some known, and one vastly more powerful than a ship's tractor, its still orders of magnitude weaker than a the grav power of a wedge (which is why it's stealthy). If they could figure out how to increase its power a thousand fold and emit that power instantly then maybe they'd have their minuturized, self contained, sidewall destroyer. But I'm not holding my breath.

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