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The Harrington vs Styles Brouhaha

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Re: The Harrington vs Styles Brouhaha
Post by cthia   » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:26 am

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Jonathan_S wrote:
George J. Smith wrote:As Manticore & Grayson were part of the Manticoran Alliance, (which has people from many different systems in addition to Manticore and Grayson) I would think that Honor would be on solid ground assuming command, given her position of Fleet Admiral in the GSN.

There would be no reason at all to think that Styles could have made a case against her.
The only thing that makes it slightly odd is that when captured she was actively serving in the RMN (though on loan to the GSN)

Her cruiser force, CruRon 18, was a GSN formation but promised to RMN's 8th fleet (once White Haven was able to activate it) - "it hadn't been passed formally under the command of Eighth Fleet, [so] it remained part of the Grayson Navy's Home Fleet"
But Honor was commanding it as an RMN Commodore, not a GSN Admiral.

If she'd been assigned that escort mission as a GSN Admiral (which she wouldn't have been -- way to senior to be leading a mere cruiser squadron) there'd have been no question at all about her ranking over Styles.

But unilaterally switching which Navy she was active in, while out of contact with both, is a little odd. But I think the circumstances justified it even if things hadn't played out well -- and as it turned out; well victory can justify many actions.

Yea! What he said! You get 'em Jonathan. LOL

Sometimes the words in my mind don't coalesce into the imagery in my head. Sometimes, a poster comes along and lays it all out on the very line in which I was aiming for as if he is a telempath... "there!"

Thanks Jonathan, you took the words right out of my mouth which were dangling just on the tip of my tongue. And the imagery was right out of my head. Honest! I swear! LOL

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