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Keyhole Options.

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Keyhole Options.
Post by Lord Skimper   » Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:10 pm

Lord Skimper
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One of the topics that came up in the other posts was the upgrade ability of the ships and the needing of yard time. Modular systems were voted down, but do exist. A key area is the Keyhole system. While the Keyhole I is smaller than the Keyhole II a same size as Keyhole II could be a new standardised size and allow for a quick and easy means of making a modular no yard time upgrade.

The Keyhole I is a smaller non FTL platform.

The Keyhole II much 50+% larger and with Apollo FTL links.

we know that the Keyhole II can control about 200 missiles and some say 400. the use for FTL of Apollo allows an 8 extra missile controls some say up to 12. But pods are packed at 8 missile per Apollo.

A larger Keyhole I-B 50% larger Keyhole II size without FTL but 50% more linkages should allow for 600 direct links to DDM Mk16 or Mk36 missiles LERM /ERM. Non FTL missiles.

large missile swarms, which are now the norm, using the cheaper missiles would benefit from a simple to upgrade option. Change the Keyhole.

What else could fit there?

How about a defensive unit a CM carrying Keyhole sized platform. A similar in size to a Roland but with many more CM tubes. An extra 24 plus CM fired from outside the wedge would help survive the larger missile swarms. this especially makes sense if the FTL platforms are transferred to escort ships that stay out of the danger zones. And outside the interference lines of sight. Suddenly the Keyhole isn't need for missile command and can be used for better active defenses.

Offensive Keyhole

A MK16 launching Keyhole platform that moves as fast as a Ghost rider platform with more extensive ECM and mounting Roland like double ended Mk16's would allow for fast closing and fast firing options. Using the CM of the Keyhole for defense and its own weak wedge and greater speed to do charging attacks. While it might not be a great way to fight heavy ships it could work great on faster smaller ships. With FTL links and would offer a lone Nike BCL or a Fast Freighter a means of offence and defense.

It could even be dropped off in an outer system and picked up when leaving. Thus keeping prying eyes away from it and Weapons off docking transports and freighters.

Think DD levels of protection carried along for the ride deployed when needed and requiring just a small linked station of the craft that carries the station.

Could even have Laser armaments. Like carrying a crewless DD LAC with one.
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