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New Honorverse renders uploaded

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Re: New Honorverse renders uploaded
Post by MaxxQ   » Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:21 am


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Fyrwulf wrote:
MaxxQ wrote:What exposed bridge? There are NO exposed bridges on any of my models, and they follow canon as well as we at BuNine can make them.

If you're referring to the "superstructure" on top of the ship(s), then it seems to me that you have fallen into typical science-fiction conventions (and I don't mean the ones that take place at hotels and/or convention centers). This isn't Star Wars or Star Trek, or Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5.

Now for the explanation... again. That superstructure is whatever we decide it will be, EXCEPT a bridge. There's some minor textev about observation lounges or observatories on the top of the ship, although admittedly, they are not as expansive as I/we have depicted. We also needed something obvious to help distiguish top from bottom. David has always said that the upper sirface of the ship is usually covered with things like secondary comms, auxilary sensors, and so on, and that's part of what the superstructure is.

It could also contain a ballroom, a bowling alley, swimming pool, pool hall, casino, shooting range, or whatever else we end up deciding it will contain. While most of those are a bit ridiculous (and certainly expendable, if necessary), they give the idea that we can put SOMETHING there. Most likely, it may be a VIP lounge, or something similar, at least where the windows are. Aft of that will be the aforementioned secondary systems.

Why shouldn't I think it was a bridge? I quite remember the argument we had about the ships in the Evergreen media and I was the one on the side of strict adherence to canon. Your position in BuNine notwithstanding, you pretty much burned any benefit of doubt with me.

As for what it could actually be used for, I supposed all of those are true, leaving aside the fact that it's a truly awful idea to have those massive windows there. The structure, whatever it is or could be, is larger than just about any mansion I can think of, which contravenes the lack of space aboard a warship that is mentioned throughout the series. Not to mention that textev is for small observation blisters not any bigger (and probably smaller) than a typical household bay window. And IIRC, there aren't all that many of them on any given ship.

FYI, the actual bridges (main and aux) are located inside the main hull (as per textev, as you noted). In ships smaller than the Star Knight class CA, they are simply inside the main hull. Star Knight and larger contain an internal, armored "core hull" almost as heavily armored as the outer hull*. The bridges on those ships are within the core hull, along with the reactors, life support, and any other exceedingly critical components.

Could you possibly be any more infuriatingly condescending? I've been reading the books for more than ten years, I *know* this.

I apologize if I appeared condescending. That was not my intent. I was simply trying to explain exactly where the bridges were, as well as any other critical components. I have also had MANY people here, on my DA page, on You Tube, and at Baen's Bar question why the bridge was located on top of the ship. I answer that question a lot, and may have been a bit more flippant than I should have.

Regarding the superstructure, a lot of what I said was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I have an odd sense of humor. Anyway, as I've mentioned before, here and on my DA page (and my YouTube videos, for that matter), things are subject to change, including the superstructure. What you see on DA now is a finalized rough, with the major dimensions locked hard. Most of the other stuff is somewhat locked, as far as location, and a general idea of the shapes of things like EW panels, radar panels, and so on.

That said, you'll note that there are changes coming, as I mentioned in my posts dated July 9 and 10. The superstructure was specifically mentioned in the July 9 post. It will still be there, but changed somewhat from both what I already have, and what's depicted in the House of Steel line art. I can't say what the changes are, because at the moment, I don't know. I don't make this stuff up on my own. Tom Pope comes up with the ideas for the design of things, and then the rest of us discuss it and hash out any possible issues. The problem at the moment is that Tom is a VERY busy person, between his job and being an advisor for his kids' robotics teams, as well as working with David and Tim Zahn on the next Travis book, and the next Companion.

That means that I am stuck not doing much of anything until I get Tom's sketches for changes, and we discuss them.

As to your question about why shouldn't you think it was a bridge, my question to you is: Why DID you think it's a bridge? Your "mansion" comment was a bit of hyperbole, IMO. Here's a quickie screenshot I just made: Note the person there for scale - he's 180cm tall. I don't know what you consider a mansion, but I live in a HOUSE that's about the same square footage as the "relaxation area", which is the part with the windows. That area only goes aft into the rest of the superstructure a few meters at most. Technically, that area is only a single story - the level with the windows. Below it is more ship systems, again, secondary or backup stuff.

The rest of the superstructure is for equipment - secondary comms, EW panels, lifts, and other things we might think of, but NOT for relaxing. Also, as I've mentioned before, this isn't necessarily what the "final" design will be. It's just a blocked-in area that lets us know that something goes there. There may still be windows. They may be larger (probably not), or smaller, as well as fewer, or more (again, probably not). We may decide to drop the windows altogether (probably not).

If you still don't like my explanation for what it is, or what it MAY be, well, that's fine. You're welcome to your opinion, but don't expect us to make changes just because you don't agree with what we've done. David doesn't object to it (at least, I've never heard him object to it when we've shown him the images, as well as the art in HoS), and everyone else I've explained this to seems to accept it.

Besides, it's a hell of a lot more canon than anything Evergreen ever came up with.

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Re: New Honorverse renders uploaded
Post by Joat42   » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:44 pm

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Fyrwulf wrote:..snipp..
Could you possibly be any more infuriatingly condescending? I've been reading the books for more than ten years, I *know* this.

So why did you assume it was a bridge then? I can understand MaxxQ's response a bit - but it was actually you that more or less set the tone for his response by stating it was an exposed bridge.

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