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New Anti-Missile tactic

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Re: New Anti-Missile tactic
Post by Rakhmamort   » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:16 am

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The E wrote:
Rakhmamort wrote:I've always imagined that Rolands present the roof of their wedge towards the enemy and then send out their missile salvos from both ends. If it can track its missiles thru the roof of its wedge, it can certainly track them thru a weaker wedge of a drone-shield.

The problem is that, while you can see through your own wedge to a degree (because you know its properties pretty well, and can compensate for them), other wedges are still opaque to you. More importantly, while you can observe through a wedge, you can't send signals through it; this means that while it is possible to fire at a target with your wedge's roof or floor pointed at it, your fire will be much less accurate than it would be if your broadside or chase sensors had a good look at the target.

Granted. But it is your own drone's wedge, and it will only be in the way for 2-5 seconds or so. (If the enemy is sequencing it's fire, then just drop the drone's wedge and merrily pick off your opponent's unsaturated salvo). Add the fact that you can deploy drones, keyhole platforms that are not blocked by the drone's wedge, then your tracking data isn't really that much affected. A big increase in protection for a very small amount of degraded targeting data.

It's going to be a huge help for GA light units since I believe one of the things the SLN is going to shoot for is to catch an underpowered detachment of light units, throw a huge amount of force at them on the off chance that they can overwhelm the detachment and destroy capture GA equipment/tech.

The good thing about this 'upgrade' is that there wouldn't be much need for shipyard modification for installation. Send the drones to the ships they're going to protect plus the necessary software updates to control the drones and some out of the can set instructions for it.

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