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Destroying Gravitic Arrays

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Re: Destroying Gravitic Arrays
Post by Jonathan_S   » Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:53 pm

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SWM wrote:[
Yeah, I figured LIGO is what you were picturing mentally. And it might be something like that. But gravitic signals do not behave at all like gravitational radiation. The physics is clearly unrelated. And since even drones can carry gravitic detectors that work for ranges up to many light-minutes, it seems unlikely that gravitic detection requires measuring a differential between separate sensors. That would make the arrays more like the VLA than the LIGO. But we don't know enough to be sure how the detectors work. With either the VLA or the LIGO model, larger size means greater resolution, so it works either way.
Actually a since a Honorverse grab detector is looking for the ripples along the next higher hyper wall I don't see how a LIGO style detector would see that. (Like you said unrelated physics)

But I believe that means it would be restricted to light speed detection (even assuming the gravity effect of the wedge caused detectable pull on objects a light month away).

I'm not sure what the km wide arrays are built like, but they've got to be looking at the alpha wall because we know they give ftl notification of emergence.

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