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Civilian Cruises.

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Civilian Cruises.
Post by Lord Skimper   » Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:26 pm

Lord Skimper
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The New SEM opens up many new opportunities with the Civilian in mind. A Fast Transport Cruise ship following and touring the 15 Systems of Talbot. Ground excursions and local customs fashions and foods. Languages and dialects to explore.

The Silesian Grand Tour, all 34 Systems. Plus a stop at both Medusa and Marsh. Stops at three Andy worlds with fancy 5 star hotels and Restaurants. See the protectorate's and meet a Medusan.

The French Connections with 12 different tours in Haven Space, culminating in a 4 Michelan Star Gourmet meal and tour of New Paris.

The most popular where safety is not assured, although each of the new cruise ships carry 4 282 advanced LAC, and full Military wedges, Sidewalls fully capable. Very fast ships indeed on the 3 week Lacoon run. From Trevor's Star to Beowulf, and Basilisk to Talbot's Cluster. Then a Run through the new SEM acquired termini. Declarations must be signed in front of the Lacoon legal team absolving the cruise line of all responsibility should something happen.

Where else?
Just don't ask what is in the protein bars.

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