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Announcement: Cauldron of Ghosts Ebook Availability

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Announcement: Cauldron of Ghosts Ebook Availability
Post by Vince   » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:16 pm

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The complete, fully edited (not EARC) Ebook edition of Cauldron of Ghosts by David Weber and Eric Flint is now available for purchase and immediate download as an individual purchase, not part of a Monthly Baen Bundle. (For those that previously purchased the April 2014 Monthly Baen Bundle, all the titles should be currently available for download.)

Support the authors and Baen Books!*

From the Baen Ebooks website in multiple formats.
Baen Ebooks wrote:Baen eBooks are available in the following DRM-free formats:

Sony LRF
MS Reader

Click your reader below for specific instructions on how to access your eBooks:
Apple iOS device (iPad)
Amazon Kindle

From in Kindle format only.

From Barnes & Nobles in Nook Book Epub format only.

Make sure you are logged in at the store before you click the link (especially at the Baen Ebooks website store).

Alternately, if you don't click on links, go to the website store, login, and search for Cauldron of Ghosts using the store's search engine (for Amazon, specify the Kindle Store, for Barnes & Noble, specify the Nook Store or Nook Books).

A review of the book is posted on the Tor website:
Espionage and Revolution: Cauldron of Ghosts by Eric Flint and David Weber

SPOILER Rule Reminder: On this site, any post that contains information from just released books should have SPOILER in the title for new threads, or the word SPOILER followed by some amount of whitespace (or alternately hide the spoiler text by changing the color of spoiler text to match the background) in the text of posts that are posted in threads that don't have SPOILER in the subject line for a period of one month after the hardcover has been released.

For Cauldron of Ghosts, you should be able to safely omit the spoiler tag for any post on or after 8 May 2014, as the hardcover is to be released on 8 April 2014 (at the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites).

* On an somewhat depressing note, a search on Google to find other sites that legitimately sell copies of the ebook also turned up the fact that it is available through BitTorrent. Most of what is available is the EARC, but apparently several Torrent sites have the fully edited, just released ebook. Which really blanks.

Disappears to go purchase (from Baen Ebooks) and read Cauldron of Ghosts......
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Re: Announcement: Cauldron of Ghosts Ebook Availability
Post by Dca   » Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:25 pm

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Yay! I held off the earc, and have been holding my breath for the final release. And trying to avoid the spoilers, thanks all for being mild about that. I wasn't very good at that.

My money goes to Baen for their lack of DRM and clear focus on authors and publishing.

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