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BB(P/C) for rear area security

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Re: BB(P/C) for rear area security
Post by wastedfly   » Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:41 pm


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Tenshinai wrote:Ah, no. You can quadstack a missile launch with SDMs if you want. And you can use hopping control for SDMs just as well as you can for DDMs.

Just because folks usually DIDN`T do it, doesn´t mean they COULDN`T do it.

Very True.

It is actually EASIER to do so with capacitor fired birds than fusion fired birds.

Ultimately this discussion comes down to, how much damage you place on a single/multiple missile hit. For small units DD/CL/CA are you going to base your damage assessment on weapon head power of old style 1905/1915 light missile heads, MK-16/LERM, MK-16E, MK-16G, MK-23, or even MK-23G. Something yet on the drawing board?

*** Addendum: Here I am going by the designation that a DD can withstand at least 2-3 missile hits and have enough redundant systems to keep fighting, "respectably". A nice nebulous term. A single hit is a Frigate IMO, not sure about others, but FWIW, there it is. (I consider all wet navy ships today essentially frigates) ***

The extra tonnage is due in large part to all those sidewall generators along with the extra power equipment to operate said tougher sidewalls compounded by the extra wedge strength required compounded by the extra hull tonnage required, that oh so convienently requires more hydrogen fuel storage as well for the EXACT SAME MISSION even without the addition of more RD's, CM's, CM CNTRL, PDLC, ECM, before we even discuss additional offense.

Remember folks, something that few in these discussions over the years bring up, a ships SIDEWALL is its MAIN armor, NOT the physical mass based armor.

After all we are talking creating a new light unit designed in peace time AFTER the war with Mesa. Does anyone really believe they have the time in the upcoming war?

PS. There will always be a place for a "frigate" in everyone's navy. It is called $$$, it doesn't self replicate

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