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Frontier Fleet or Beowulf? Divided loyalties.

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Re: Frontier Fleet or Beowulf? Divided loyalties.
Post by saber964   » Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:05 pm

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Or you could have what appears to be divided loyalties and is anything but.

Remember that MP, Cathy Montaigne replaced, He went to work for a Solly Bank what if he started embezzling funds from some of the big defense contractors like Technodyne or General Industries of Terra or started reporting on money transfers or that companies were seeking loans for expansion of shipyards to SEM SIS/ONI. Or maybe he quits, but left behind a Trojan Horse program in the computer.
Re: Frontier Fleet or Beowulf? Divided loyalties.
Post by Aleyoops   » Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:16 pm


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7thsealord wrote:Not so sure of that.

The Mandarins talked about arresting Beowulf's delegation, but quickly decided that this would cause more trouble than it was worth (ie. other worlds' reps starting to wonder if they would be next). So the decision was made to let the Beowulfers leave the Solar System without incident.

Actually they did not decide to let them leave without incident. And they have not left the system yet. The plebiscite is not yet done. The mandarins do not need to make a decision on this until after the plebiscite. At which time they already plan on attacking Beowulf. If the attack is successful then you would see the delegation arrested probably for treason.

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