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Just for fun, whilst "Sharkhunting"

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Re: Just for fun, whilst "Sharkhunting"
Post by cthia   » Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:44 am

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SharkHunter wrote:
cthia wrote:I've always wondered what it would mean strategically if Manticore was faced with a junction which opened into their back yard which belongs to someone else. The galaxy is already accusing Manticore as being expansionists. But, by necessity, mustn't they become "junctionists?" Manticore can't make the mistake of the SL of failing to realize a direct military threat leading right into their backyard.

Junctionists. I can just see someone in the galaxy coining any future need of Manticore to collect junctions as "junkies." :D

The Basilisk Simplex. :lol:

As I picture an Honorverse character informing Elizabeth that "Your Highness, they're not calling us Manties after Laccoon II, they say we're a bunch of greedy Junkies..." What was the name of that imaginary dungeon Princess Ruth is afeared off?

But that WOULD be a fun twist in the Honorverse tales!, lol.

Should the GA become junkies? Galactic law says possession is even better than nine-tenths of the law. If it is determined that the MA's movements are dependent on junctions, why shouldn't the GA use a process of elimination? They won't discover the missing link, but surely the MA's resources are dependent on certain known junctions as well. The surprise strategy might force the MA into an error.

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