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3D printed HMS Fearless (Star Knight class CA)

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Re: 3D printed HMS Fearless (Star Knight class CA)
Post by MaxxQ   » Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:39 pm


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isaac_newton wrote:Well done indeed!

that is so cool

[this is from someone who's experiences with those old Airfix models was uniform failure, glue everywhere except in the right places]

I wouldn't say my model building years were a failure, but I definitely wasn't going to win any competitions either. OTOH, nowadays there's lots of places (especially YouTube) to get tips for building models, as well as new tools, glues, and such.

I haven't built a plastic model kit in almost 30 years, and now, I've got a Trumpeter 1/200 scale U.S.S Iowa (in 1944 livery) in progress, including the deluxe up-detail photoetch and wood deck add-on from Pontos. The Titanic model in the images was the first kit I've built, and that took me an evening to do. The Iowa is going to take months, if not a year or more. Besides the Titanic, I also plan to get a 1/350 ship model, probably one of the Tamiya carrier kits (Nimitz or Enterprise) to go with the 1/350 Fearless.

Because of the videos and such I mentioned before, I'm actually pretty confident that I'll get a really nice model out of the Iowa kit. I plan to work on it between stages of my next 3D printing project... whatever that may be :twisted:
Re: 3D printed HMS Fearless (Star Knight class CA)
Post by kzt   » Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:45 am

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MaxxQ wrote:
*And I'll be damned if I'm going to spend months on end multiple times to make these things for others. I have too many other things I want to make for myself. :mrgreen:

That’s why pricing is important. How much would you be willing to do this on a per hourly rate, then price it appropriately. If nobody is willing to pay that much that’s OK. If it turns out there is a group of secret millionaires who love the Honorverse, well that would probably be OK too.

Assuming it was legit for you to sell them.

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