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Treecat armed bodyguards; their names for their 2-legs

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Treecat armed bodyguards; their names for their 2-legs
Post by Kurremkarmerruk   » Fri Nov 13, 2020 12:55 am


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Premise: Even though the Andermani have declined to publicly/militarily back the SEM, there are all kinds of back-channel connections, going back decades. Sometime soon they are going to be hosting Treecat bodyguards. So are everyone else: the Graysons for sure, the people of Sidemore Station, the Havenites, Grendelsbane, the Zanzibarans; basically everyone ever mentioned by name in the Honorverse.

So, Scotty and Sir Horace?
Sir Aivars Terekov?
Commodore Oversteegen?
Mike Henke (Tourville has a 'cat, why not Mike?)
And all kinds of etc?

The most recent canon example of what I'm asking about:
Damien Harahap is "Plays With Fire", and Clean Killer is "Fire Watch".

My first nomination(s) in this category:

Victor Cachat is known to the treecats as "Stone Soul"

Other nominations?

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