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Treecat armed bodyguards; their names for their 2-legs

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Treecat armed bodyguards; their names for their 2-legs
Post by Kurremkarmerruk   » Fri Nov 13, 2020 12:55 am


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Premise: Even though the Andermani have declined to publicly/militarily back the SEM, there are all kinds of back-channel connections, going back decades. Sometime soon they are going to be hosting Treecat bodyguards. So are everyone else: the Graysons for sure, the people of Sidemore Station, the Havenites, Grendelsbane, the Zanzibarans; basically everyone ever mentioned by name in the Honorverse.

So, Scotty and Sir Horace?
Sir Aivars Terekov?
Commodore Oversteegen?
Mike Henke (Tourville has a 'cat, why not Mike?)
And all kinds of etc?

The most recent canon example of what I'm asking about:
Damien Harahap is "Plays With Fire", and Clean Killer is "Fire Watch".

My first nomination(s) in this category:

Victor Cachat is known to the treecats as "Stone Soul"

Other nominations?
Re: Treecat armed bodyguards; their names for their 2-legs
Post by cthia   » Thu Dec 17, 2020 10:23 pm

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Various names as such are interesting to me too.

Have you ever thought about things getting so bad in the Honorverse that only the very best bodyguard will do? Like perhaps, a time when the Malign has taken the cork off the bottle of nanites and mind control has run so rampant that Beth has approached Zilwicki to protect her? And Eloise has Cachat guarding her?

What names would their treecat give them? In Zilwicki's case, 'Berserker' seems to fit.

I also question the kill rating of any cat/human pair. With Honor and Nimitz as the baseline posting a whopping 10.0.

What about the rating of Harahap and Clean Killer?

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