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Pavel Young's and Lord Burdette's options

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Re: Pavel Young's and Lord Burdette's options
Post by tlb   » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:48 am


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Jonathan_S wrote:I wouldn't think losing a slander case would necessarily wreck all your standing. It'd depend on what the slander was.

In this instance Young would be wrecked by bringing the slander case because otherwise inadmissible evidence would show that he'd acted entirely beyond the pale; and now been caught at it.

But if Young somehow utterly beat all odds and won the slander case I don't think Honor getting hit with some civil penalty for slander would lose all her standing in society. Some standing, temporarily, probably - but it wouldn't be career ending or turn her into a pariah. (Well, her existing enemies would probably harp on it and try to maximize the damage, but still wouldn't ruin her) After all, all that would prove is that in the eyes of the law she knowingly propagated an untruth about someone she despised.

However I do think it would ruin her ability to challenge Young to a dual on those grounds. If she challenged him based on hiring Denver to kill Paul I don't think Young would lose any societaly standing for refusing to give satisfaction over a court had ruled wasn't true. I think he could easily refuse by saying she was incorrect and he had no need to defend such a specious claimed offense. I have to believe that society doesn't shun people who blow off truly frivolous or baseless challenges to a duel.

That doesn't block Honor from dueling him at all, but she'd have to do so over some other insult or offense - something that society would shun Young for failing to face. (And I suspect their previous bad encounters wouldn't meet that standard now - too much time has passed and claiming challenge over the Saganami Island incident, being stabbed in the back of Basilisk, or even his cowardly behavior that got him Court Marshaled, would (correctly) seem like Honor grasping on a pretext to challenge his when her actual complain was the one dismissed in court. So she'd probably need for him to commit some new and fairly egregious offense against her - so all he has to do to avoid her challenge is ignore her)

Okay, you have convinced me. So it is fortunate for Honor's mental health that he chose to cling to his position in society and so was forced to accept her challenge.

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