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Manticore A, Manticore B & the Junction?

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Manticore A, Manticore B & the Junction?
Post by BlakeAntonio   » Sat Aug 22, 2020 5:45 am


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perhaps some one could point me toward the answers to some questions regarding the Manticore star system and the junction.

We know [Uouse of Steel] that that the A & B have masses of 1.12SM and 0.92SM, and have an average distance of 333 & 406 light minutes from the center of gravity [GoG].
- what is their orbital period?

we also know that the Junction is related to A, or at least lies at a distance of 412 light minutes from A.

we know that worm holes junctions move with their related stars [relative to the galaxy I guess]

so this seems to imply that the Manticore junction rotates round the system CoG, or does it move with the A but at a fixed angle wrt the center of the galaxy or is there some other path....?

Does the junction affect the orbits of A & B, esp since it could easily path between them?

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