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Cats and Books, with a thanks to David Weber

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Cats and Books, with a thanks to David Weber
Post by jlrice54   » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:34 pm

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I met David at the Half Priced Book on NW Highway in Dallas, Texas October 6, 2018. I had known about the Uncompromising Honor book signing tour for a while and as soon as tickets were available, I snagged a couple. My wife is not a science fiction fan but she was going along with me. Then two weeks before the signing, I was scheduled for heart surgery the week of the signing. I went into the hospital on the 3rd was discharged on the evening of the 4th with strict orders to stay home, out of the shop and no driving. Well come hell or high water, no sawbones was going to tell me not to go to this signing.

My wife drove me down on Saturday the 6th. We arrived about 30 minutes before and I purchased my hard cover copy of Uncompromising Honor to go with the ARC ebook I had already read. I really enjoyed the commentary from David who had just fallen and hit his head day or two earlier. We had our Q&A, watched the RMN people in uniform and had a really nice evening. I was one of the last to get my copy signed and spoke a few words with David.

Fast forward to a month or so ago. My wife had adopted a pair of kittens, one of whom decided to open my signed copy, shred the pages and then try to hide the evidence by performing litter box tasks in the shredded paper. I wasn't pleased at all. No, I'm not wearing a pair of kitten fur lined welding gloves but I thought about it. Seriously thought about it.

My wife felt really bad and got in contact some of David's staff. She told them the story of the book reading kitten and they arranged for David to sign a new copy of my book with the same inscription as the original. It arrived today.

Thank you, David Weber. As a father if three early 20's daughters and a small business owner, I know how busy you have been both in your personal life with the twins and your professional life. You didn't have to take the time to sign a new copy but I greatly appreciate your effort on my behalf. Ronda informs me your staff were extremely helpful and very nice to her.

Thank you,
James Rice
Sherman, TX

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