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GA-League War

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Re: GA-League War
Post by Brigade XO   » Fri May 08, 2020 5:06 pm

Brigade XO

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The published terms that Honor delivered to the League told them, in part to:
) disband OFS

)don't-under pain of death (we will shoot first and may not look to see if anybody survived) send SLN out beyond the boarders that will be the REVISED SL with the members that remain after anybody who wants to leaved does so. And you dam well better not try any intimidation to keep systems in the SL

The SLN won't need all the ships they have left and given the new reality nowhere near the number of people they have at the end of UH.

So, Sol System doesn't have any military yards left though most of what was there was repair ad upgrade, the major construction of new units seems to have been Yelden with Technodyine.

There does seem to be a fleet of 300 add SDs that were a backup to Fillerta and which have not been mentioned since the disastrous attempt by the SLN to take the Manticor System. There are going to be others -in at least squadron strengths- scattered around the SL at the conclusion of Uncompromising Honor.
Although apparently any SLN craft the size of a DD or larger- including essentialy everything that was in the Reserve Fleet mothball yard- has been scuttled or destroyed by Honor's launch at the Reservey fleet, there are a lot of SLN warships still out in the SL boundaries. There are also all of the FF which is going to have to be recalled from wherever they are back to the SL/SL 2.0. That's still a lot of ships and people. Funtioning warships with crews that can operate them.

Those 300+ SD's that were to be Fillerta's remote backup are probably as good/upgraded as the ones he took to Manticore just without all the Cataphracts (though the missiles could have been already enroute)

Those SL member worlds who have their own SFD (think Beowulf but mostly much smaller) would keep what they have, especialy if they decide to leave the League.

Independt systems and former OFS client systems are probably going to want something to keep others from makeing a grab at them since the SLN (primarily FF) is not going to be available and those within or just on the edge of the overall SL 2.0 are going to worry about some of their longterm agressive neighbors.

The SL 2.0 might want to consider selling some warships to systems that want to leave the old League as a way to start from some level of cooperation/trade agreements with those systems.

SL 2.0 is going to have to work out where it can both recondition and build such new warships as it wants/ needs/ can afford.

Neither the SLN/SL nor the GA is going to take kindly to any SLN ship (BF or FF) that heads off to either be a pirate or offer itself to a non-SL system as it's ready-made SDF. The SLN is going to have to hunt them down to keep from being accused of causing problems. The GA is going to want to hunt them down to eliminate them as problems. SLN is probably going to have to ask for both permission and help of the GA to do that- and the GA will want to give it.
The SL/SLN needs to establish it will abide by the terms of surrender. Hunting down deserter ships is one way to do that.

The SLN SD arn't good for hunting pirates but they are not bad as fortresses. So you might be able to park them in at least small groups if not pairs in places that probably need defence. Selling a few of the less desirable ones to systems that can pay for them (well pay something for them) for prestige and as more highly mobile forts in system.

Remember that while there wasn't much in the way of piracy we have heard about within the old SL, that may change. While BF has always appeard to have been portrayed in the series as mostly CH through SD, they are going to need all those DD-BC ships from FF that have the anti-priacy and commerc protection experience.

The SLN at the end of UH has a LOT of surplus personnel. The crews who lost the ships they were on the the Sol System plus the staffs of the miitary stations and Reverve Fleet operations are just one part of that. Then there are all those people who surrenderd at Spindle and Fillerta's people at the Battle of Manticore. NO SHIPS. So SLN has too many people, are not getting back to those old staffing levels anytime soon. There are also a lot of people who may want to get out. There certainly are people that both the SL 2.0 and revised SLN are going to want to either courtmarshall or just get rid of deadwood.

At a certain remove, the League and the SLN might be very happy to let various competent people retire and move to a positon of leadership and responsibility in the new or expanded SDFs of independent systems - and to sell/negotiate transfer of possibly FF older equipment to those systems in package deals with crews. It would give Kingswood sets of lines of communications to places he and the SL 2.0 will have to deal with going forward but could deal with at least a level of common understanding and cooperation. . Beside, it beats having some warlord walk in and smash some minor SDF-in-training.

We known that there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be out of a job with the loss of OFS (and good riddance) but there are a lot of people in FF and the Gendarms that would stay with a duty station or go back to their homeworld. Certainly a number of BF personel would do the same.

Aside from all these people who are going to loose their employment in the SLN and other organizations there are going to be a lot of people like your steriotypical OFS goon or bureaucrat who are going to be good for little more than causing trouble and breaking things. Lots of places are going to have to deal with this as I can't believe that the SL or SLN is going to be able to forcefully deal with enough of them before the vermin skurry away.

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