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Re: ?
Post by Jonathan_S   » Wed Nov 04, 2020 2:56 pm

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Vince wrote:Regarding missile and reconnaissance drone power systems in the Honorverse:

All Honorverse navies, prior to the RMN invention of the high-output micro-fusion reactor, used plasma capacitors to power the drives of both missiles and reconnaissance drones.

After the RMN invention of the high-output micro-fusion reactor, the RMN had a duopoly (the GSN also had access to the technology) on fusion-powered MDMs, DDMs, and the more capable Ghost Rider reconnaissance drones.

After the Grand Alliance was formed, the RMN began sharing their secrets with the other Grand Alliance navies (RHN, BSDF) and the more loosely aligned IAN, that didn't have the new technology.

Even after the RMN shared the secret of the high-output micro-fusion reactor, the RMN, GSN, IAN and BSDF still have the older plasma capacitor powered missiles and reconnaissance drones in service. (It takes time for all the existing ships using the older systems to be replaced with the newer designs.)

All other navies in the Honorverse still use the plasma capacitors to power the drives of both missiles and reconnaissance drones. No other Honorverse navy has the micro-fusion reactors.

From the Pearls of Weber:

Fission/fusion power reactors

Missile power systems

Single-drive fusion-powered missiles

How big is a recon drone?

One minor clarification on the timeline. The IAN got access to microfusion powered missiles earlier; a couple years before the Grand Alliance was formed.

The IAN SD(P)s were getting refit for Keyhole II + Apollo after they joined the Manticoran Alliance (following Operation Thunderbolt's attack on Sidemore/Marsh) and that would have involved providing them access to microfusion powered missiles.
Re: ?
Post by ThinksMarkedly   » Wed Nov 04, 2020 6:48 pm

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cthia wrote:Frankly, I'm pleased that missiles don't have a reactor. Mankind shouldn't be in a habit of firing reactors down on a planet. Kews are bad enough.

The reactor is the least of the problems if a missile were to hit a planet, especially if the wedge was still up.

At least this is a micro-fusion reactor, where the reactor fuel is some form of hydrogen or helium. Dropping that on a planet is mostly harmless, it's going to escape to space. Or allow a lot of party balloons to be inflated.

This is assuming that the reactor fuel is not in plasma form. If it is still hot, then the missile is still powered and it should be dodging planets. Especially because if it is still powered, the wedge could be up.

A micro-fission reactor is a different story, since it could be dispersing radioactive material.

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